Kids Classes!


Ballroom dancing for kids is a fun, beautiful and enjoyable hobby that represents the art and sport at the same time. It has plenty of benefits and equally valuable for both girls and boys. Dance Classes for Kids at the most trusted Dance Studio in Abu Dhabi!


Participating in ballroom dance classes is beneficial for kids of all ages. Regular dance practice greatly impact physical health by improving stamina, strength, flexibility, balance, posture and coordination.

By taking ballroom dance classes your kid can improve social skills and communication. Through partner cooperation and team interaction kids learn how to make new friends. Regular ballroom dance classes at our dance studio can help to overcome shyness and increase confidence and self-esteem.


In order to achieve the greatest results Capital Dance Center have established a system that helps kids of all ages learn ballroom dancing in an exciting and efficient way.

Group Dance Classes together with a support of Private Dance Classes and Practice Sessions are main tools in kids’ dance training.

Following standards of professional dance education with current internationally approved techniques and requirements our dance instructors help each of our young student develop their own personality within the wall of the most trusted dance studio in Abu Dhabi!


Except fun dance classes for children Capital Dance Center gives an opportunity to young students not only to learn but practice their dance achievements. Wide range of events within our dance studio together with local and international competitions will let your child shine on the dance floor.

Being a part of such a festive and exciting experience helps to adopt a positive attitude and artistic expression that is so important for kids’ well-being.


For the smallest ones we offer our Ballet Dance Classes where your princess will learn basics that will help her in the future with any dance style.

Starting from 3 years old your daughter can join and not only have fun but also learn in a proper way with our Professional Dance Instructors at the most trusted dance studio in Abu Dhabi.

We value Discipline and Quality!


Our talented Boys and Girls perform their dance achievements for you!